The Unique Difference of Turkish Rugs

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Turkish rugs are timeless. They are famous around the world for their stunning tribal patterns and bold shades. Their unique aesthetic makes it easy to spot a Turkish rug when you see one.

Their oriental appeal can give a luxurious feel to even the most neutral rooms. In addition to their charm, they offer plenty of qualities which justify their price. 

The following qualities urge you to invest in authentic Turkish rugs:

Turkish Rugs Are Handmade

Traditional Turkish rugs can take nearly a year to make, which supports their hefty price tags. 

Typically woven by women, these rugs are crafted with the utmost passion. 

“We weave our carpets with enthusiasm and affection from the beginning to the end,” Raziye Başeğmez, a master trainer at the Women’s Cultural Center in Ankara, told Business Insider.

The finished product can cost up to $4,000. Such a price entails exquisite weaving techniques and decades-old abilities. If you are familiar with the “Turkish knot,” you know how this technique is skillfully passed on through generations.

If you buy a Turkish rug, you will be taking a piece of Turkish history home with you.

They Come In Unique Patterns

No two Turkish rugs are created equal, which makes any rug you buy one-of-a-kind. Each pattern has a different story to tell, depending on where, how, and by whom it was crafted. 

Interestingly, every single tribal motif carries different meanings (such as health, wealth, and love) and combines beautiful geometric patterns to tell a unique story. For this reason, each Turkish rug directly reflects the culture of its origin. 

Just like wine and cheese, older Turkish rugs are more valuable since they comprise antique craftsmanship. While newer rugs can still be high-quality and valuable, they certainly are not as older ones.

Therefore, if you ever get your hands on an antique Turkish rug, hold on to it.

If You Choose Them Correctly, Turkish Rugs Make For Stunning Accent Pieces

As with any valuable item, you can easily fall prey to fake Turkish rugs – especially if you purchase them online through websites like eBay and Craigslist. 

The only way to guarantee the authenticity of your rug is to purchase it from trusted sources. In order to keep the rug as good as new, it is also essential that you invest in professional handmade rug cleaning services

This way, you can ensure that the Turkish rug of your choice is high-quality, handcrafted, and will last for as long as you live. Sometimes, even more.

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