The Rug Trends of 2022

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Is your household feeling a bit dated? Rugs may be timeless — but that doesn’t make them exempt from popular trends. Here are a handful of the top styles we saw in the world of carpeting during 2022 and why we think they’ll keep on strong in 2023. 

Figurative Imagery

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As these examples reveal, figurative imagery — depictions of recognizable objects, such as humans and animals — has a long tradition in the world of interior decor. Traditional designs that reflect the human domain are gaining popularity as people rediscover what insiders have long known — that fantastical scenes and settings are always a hit. These trends are popular for homemakers looking for the right type of rug.

Faded Chic

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Faded, distressed looks are gaining traction in the world of carpets. It’s all about making the most of the classics instead of letting the opportunity for creative style go to waste.  

If you’ve bought a pair of jeans recently, you know this style has been around for some time — but it’ll gain even more momentum this year. The idea is that by incorporating elements like washed-out colors into carpeting, you can create a historic appearance while still keeping things fresh and contemporary.

Neutral Tones

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Designs centered on neutral tones let people incorporate subtle color palettes into decor schemes without overwhelming other features within their home environment. They’re perfect if you want something understated yet stylish!

Geometric Patterns

Geometric patterns are a carpet classic, but they’ll be having a major moment in 2023. Whether they’re part of a traditional Persian design or a bold, modern interpretation, these shapes, lines, and angles imbue any room with visual interest that doesn’t overwhelm its surroundings. They’re great for creating eye-catching focal points and nuanced textures. 

Ombre Patterns

Ombre patterns, which feature color gradients blended from light to dark, are becoming increasingly popular in rug designs. This trend is a great way to add a unique, contemporary feel to any space. 

By using gradual color transitions, ombre carpets create a subtle, eye-catching effect that can instantly transform a room. They can also add extra visual depth to spaces, making them feel more drastic and epic with the right lighting.

Wrapping up the Old Year

We think 2023 will see a resurgence of these kinds of motifs in rugs — so what are your design plans for the year to come? Explore some of the options that can make your personal decor experience a thrilling adventure: Check out the selection at OC Rug Store.

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