The Right Size Rug for Your Living Room, Choosing the Perfect Fit

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Rugs can be a great way to add color, texture, and warmth to a living room. However, selecting the right size of rug can be a tricky task. If the rug is too small, it may look out of place and disjointed from the rest of the furniture. On the other hand, if the rug is too large, it can overwhelm the room and make it look cluttered. Here are some tips for correctly estimating a good size of a rug for your living room.

Measure the Room

The first step in selecting the right size of a rug is to measure your living room. Measure the length and width of the room and write down the measurements. This will give you an idea of the overall size of the rug that you will need.

Consider Furniture Placement

Consider the placement of furniture in your living room. If you have a large sofa, you will want to make sure that the rug is large enough to accommodate it. Ideally, the rug should be large enough to fit all the furniture on it or at least the front legs of all the furniture pieces. This will help create a cohesive and unified look in the room.

Define the Space

If you have an open floor plan and the living room is connected to the dining area or the kitchen, a rug can be a great way to define the space. In this case, you will want to select a rug that is large enough to cover the living room area and create a boundary between the two areas.

Consider the Shape of the Rug

Rugs come in different shapes, including rectangular, square, round, and oval. The shape of the rug can also affect the overall look of your living room. A rectangular rug is ideal for a long and narrow living room, while a square rug works well in a square-shaped room. A round or oval rug can soften the hard edges of a rectangular or square room.

Selecting the right size of a rug can make a significant difference in the overall look and feel of your home. It is important to measure the room, consider furniture placement, define the space, and consider the shape of the rug before making a final decision. Remember, a rug should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing, so take the time to find the right size and style that will complement your decor and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere in your living room.

If you’re having trouble deciding on the right size rug, ask the experts at OC Rug store. We’ll search through our extensive inventory to find the perfect choice for you. We also offer rug cleaning, rug appraisal, and rug repair service for cities across Orange County, including Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Niguel, Dana Point, Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, San Clemente, Anaheim, Orange, Newport Coast, Costa Mesa, San Juan Capistrano, Irvine, Newport Beach, Corona Del Mar, Yorba Linda, and Laguna Hills.

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