Rug Repair and Services FAQ

What Type of Rugs Can You Repair?

We specialize in handmade and vintage rugs, including Persian and oriental rugs. After nearly four decades in business, we have experience handling specialty rugs including Tabriz rugs, Serapi tribal rugs, and silk inlaid rugs. Our house experts can repair any type of rug.

Where Do I Bring My Rug for Repairs?

We’re located in San Juan Capistrano, California. We service Orange County and surrounding areas, including SoCal, Los Angeles, and San Diego. We’ll pick up your rug the same day for no extra fee. OC Rug Store delivers the rug(s) back to their home after cleaning and repair. Don’t worry about transportation or the hassle of making the time to pick up your rug.

Can You Provide a Rug Appraisal?

Yes! We are happy to provide appraisal services. Our team of rug experts can determine an estimated value for your rug. Specialty rugs may be passed down over generations and while they’re priceless in the eyes of family members, they may have a surprising value that can be determined by a trusted appraiser.

Do You Offer Carpet Repair Services?

We offer many carpet repair services, from a full restoration to a basic fix from a tear or snag on the rug. We also provide fringe damage repair on rugs. Our team can provide custom sizing or resizing your rug. We’ll fix pet-related damage (chewing, scratching, etc.), burn damage, and general wear and tear. If your rug has detached seams, bulging, or flood damage — we can provide you with professional service to repair your rug.

How Do You Handle Water-Damaged Rugs?

Whether your rug has been through flooding or just general water damage, we can clean and repair it. Water damage can leave unsightly stains, warpage, shrinkage, and color bleeding or fading. We will fully dry your rug and correct color issues, as well as disinfect the rug from any mold or mildew concerns.

Can You Remove Stains From a Rug?

OC Rug Store provides stain removal services. Stains can come in a variety of forms, from pets to little ones spilling drinks and food. We have the tools and cleaning products to clean a range of stains from your treasured rug. We’ve worked on bleach stains, food stains, and pet urine stains.

Do You Offer Complete Rug Restoration?

Yes, we have master rug specialists on staff who can walk you through the entire process. Our master weaver can quote you the final cost while explaining the steps necessary to restore your rug to its original state. You’ll receive your rug in better condition than when you left it.

Why Should I Trust You to Repair My Rug?

At OC Rug Store, we’re experts when it comes to rugs — in all the shapes, sizes, designs, and varieties that they come in. We can clean, repair, and service any type of rug. We understand the value of handmade carpets and oriental rugs. We’ve been in the business for 38 years and you can trust that you’ll receive your rug back in better condition than before.

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We would be glad to assist you with anything from rug cleaning to rug restoration. Please call or text us at (949) 241-7676 for your inquiry. Our team can service all of your rug repair, cleaning, appraisal, restoration, and additional needs. You can also view our extensive inventory here.

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