Purchasing Oriental Rug from an Area Rug Store

OC Rug Store 9 Rug Store 9 Purchasing Oriental Rug from an Area Rug Store

Oftentimes, when you look online for “Oriental Rug store in San Juan Capistrano Orange County“, you may find a short result of several yellow pages list or perhaps, just a short top ten list that doesn’t have all the right information you require. The ideal people to refer you to the world of Persian rugs or even the much more intricate and detailed Orientals are really the online rug dealers themselves, like us. We know you want quality materials and workmanship, not some factory-made out of cheap polyester from China. There’s nothing wrong with looking for oriental rugs or buying Oriental carpets online, but you’ll find many differences between quality and price.

When you visit an authentic oriental rug store, you should notice the following: A good showroom (that sells all types of rugs); carpet installation/tear down service; knowledgeable rug experts (or at least, experienced professional who has been selling oriental rugs for a while); high-quality materials (especially high-quality wool rugs); professional installation/tear down service; excellent customer service; a large and varied selection of styles/sizes and material. You will definitely notice that the prices are lower and the quality is better. The rugs are also usually displayed by each section. If there are any other products on display, it will usually be one of the sub-categories under oriental rugs.

Now, if you want a simple color swatch and want to choose your carpets based strictly on color, then you can go to the showroom and simply look at the colors. However, if you’re searching for pure silk, wool, or jute carpet, you should be shown carpets by the department. One department will show all types of rugs and another department will show only pure silk. It’s because jute and silk are not sold as separate items but only sold as one combined product. Therefore, it would not make sense for an oriental rug store to sell you a pure silk carpet by the department.

Purchasing Oriental Rug from an Area Rug Store

If you wish to see all the available products in person, you can simply go to the showroom and ask them to bring all the different types of oriental rugs up to the counter. Most of the time, they will have these available and will be happy to show all of these to you. It’s a great way to actually see the different materials as well as the different designs. There is no doubt that you will find just the perfect rug for you and your home.

One of the most important things that you will need to know when buying Oriental rugs from an area rug store is that there are two different types of knots. The first type of knot is called the full over the full knot. This is a very common type of knot used to produce many different designs. The other type of knot known as the round-over-round knot is used for smaller pieces or square-shaped hand-woven rugs. It is important to know these different knots so that you can purchase the right size.

When you go into an area rug store, you will be able to view all types of beautiful area rugs. You can even get a better feel for the Oriental rug world by visiting a few showrooms. Visiting these areas can also give you an idea of what you want from an oriental rug or another type of hand-woven fabric.

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