how to clean an oriental rug professionally without any damages?

OC Rug Store 9 Rug Cleaning 9 how to clean an oriental rug professionally without any damages?

How to clean an oriental rug without any damages? This is a tremendous and valuable question from the OC rug store in San Juan Capistrano. So many people ask these questions. Oc rug store proudly claims all cleaning of rugs with no damage in last 38 years, and here is why. First, we have to know that cleaning a handmade carpet is more sophisticated than cleaning the wall-to-wall rugs. You can not use tap water for cleaning due to the existence of chlorine and fluoride. Chemicals are not friends of rugs. You can wash the rug unless you have extracted all the dirt from the rug .extraction must be from the back, so the water doesn’t turn to mud during the wash. Water quickly penetrates the rug during the wash and eliminates the dirt quickly and faster. During the wash, since every rug is different, the wash duration must be matched accordingly. Otherwise, the colors will bleed, and a rug will be ruined. Oc rug store in San Juan Capistrano will wash your oriental, Persian, vintage, handmade rugs with the secret of rug washing and provide you confidence that your rugs are safe with us. So as you see, a carpet cleaner can never clean handmade rugs. You need to hire rug cleaning experts, some vintage rugs are expensive, and you have to make sure your investment is safe.

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