How Tabriz Rugs Enhance Every Home’s Interior Style

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Tabriz are unique rugs, with a fine texture and exceptional quality. The rugs come in varying colors and patterns. Tabriz weavers take their time to craft a unique masterpiece that will change the feel of your entire interior. 

The unparalleled skills and talent of these weavers have continued to flow through their blood for years, and it can only get better.

How Tabriz Rugs Changes your Home’s feel


A rug is an excellent way to accentuate hardwood flooring. The carpet complements the hard texture and changes the flooring’s appearance, which makes it easy to move the eye around the room.

The material used in Tabriz rugs is high quality and durable with natural features like hypoallergenic and water repellent. Even if they become damaged, we can provide the necessary rug repair services to fix up your Tabriz rug. 

Color change

There are varying color patterns for Tabriz rugs. Some rugs feature medallions, while others come in all shapes and sizes. One unique pattern used is the Abbasi style, which offers a combination of Islimi and Shah Abbasi styles. If you prefer simple patterns, there are more rugs with basic geometrical patterns.

Size and Shapes

Another way a Tabriz rug may change your home’s interior is the size and shape you use in a particular location. Typically, the rugs have a diameter of about 5 feet. For halls and stairways, use Tabriz runners, which are narrow and long. Furthermore, there are irregular Tabriz rugs that take the shape of triangles, octagons, and hexagons.

Tabriz Rugs for a Contemporary Home

Tabriz rugs are a perfect complement to both traditional and modern home designs. Modern aesthetics use neutral and subdued colors like white, black, and gray, according to most people’s view of fashion. A huge Tabriz rug in this space brings energy to the rather relaxed room, giving it a playful element.

Using Traditional Styles with Tabriz

Tabriz is an ancient discovery, which means it works best with traditional styling. Traditional options may use classic patterns and embrace bold colors, which the Tabriz rug points out strongly. With a complementary type, you get a luxurious piece that is more authentic and hand oven.

Offers a Warm Tone

For a great Tabriz rug, choose red, burgundy, and yellow. They offer a warm tone that complements neutral and cold colors in the room. Incorporating more warm colors in your living room makes for a better view.

Choosing a Pattern to Match

Tabriz rugs have unique designs dedicated to serving the purposes for which they are made. Some have a central medallion with finer pieces that serve royal palaces. Other popular patterns you will find include floral motifs, paisley patterns, and repetitive arabesque shapes.

The design of these patterns is customizable to fit your design, meaning a Tabriz rug can fit any room design and flow with any set of colors. No matter the design and pattern, there is a unique way to work through every design style.

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