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The Handmade Rug Store is situated in San Juan Capistrano Orange County ca. This store selling antique and new rugs from various designs and special cleaning & restoration services also provides professional advice. They have more than twenty thousand selections to choose from, and they are sold by the month.
The handmade rugs offered at this store are made by four different tribes in the mountains of Nepal. Some of the designs are so old that they date back to the age of ancient Rome. You will find Tibetan rugs, Gurkha rugs, Orundi rugs, Swarupali rugs, etc. You can browse through and see samples of these unique handmade rugs before you buy them.

The Handmade Rug Store has a wide variety of rugs, and they also have a large section dedicated to other handmade rugs such as wall to wall, Persian rugs, Indian textiles, and many others. They even sell handmade wall tapestries and other wall hangings. The store also sells furniture made of wool. You will find carpets, upholstered chairs, sofa covers, and many others. You will be amazed at how much good advice the staff gives and how good their products are.

They also sell oriental rugs made by the talented artisans of the Chinese, Turkish, Carpets, and Tibetan weaving tribes. The most beautiful of the handmade rugs are the red carpets made in the Szechwan province of China. The carpets are known for their thickness and their rich colors. The carpets come in thick sizes, and you will get them in various colors. These beautiful carpets make any room more beautiful.

Handmade Rug Store Orange County

The people who make these rugs are very well skilled, and it takes years of practice before they can master the skill of making carpets that are not only beautiful but also durable. When buying Persian rugs or any other handmade Oriental rugs, always check for handmade quality. The quality of the rug should be at least twenty-five percent larger than the size indicated. If you buy a piece that is not at least twenty-five percent more significant than the size stated, then there is a big possibility that you are not getting a genuine hand-woven rug. Most of the ready-made exotic rugs are machine-made, and you can be sure that they will not be good enough for your floor.

If you need help in choosing the best carpet for your home, you can ask the store employees how they choose the best ones. The excellent quality oriental rugs are not expensive, and anyone can afford them. Many people do not care about the handmade rugs, but many people would like to decorate their houses with them but cannot afford them. But no matter what the price of the handmade rugs is, they are always worth it because they can last for a long time if they are appropriately taken care of.

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31896 Plaza Dr #C5
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

Contact (Call or Text)

(949) 241-7676

Business Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: Only open by appointment


We are visible from the 5 north or southbound.
Please exit on Ortega Hwy on 74 towards the ocean.
Second light is Capistrano Home Center, make a left, we are behind the Target.

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