Decorating Your Home with Oriental Rugs

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There are many ways to make your home feel new. You can do a full home remodel or change your interior. Of all the methods you may use for a refreshing living room interior change, changing your rugs is the easiest and most critical.

A rug is a simple addition to your living room area but can give your room a new tone. A unique type of these rugs is the oriental rug. Oriental rugs are made of natural products like wool, cotton, silk, and other durable materials. The rugs come with ornamental designs and patterns, which show their originality.

Tips for Interior Decoration with Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are a hidden gem that few homeowners unravel in home remodeling. The between oriental designs blend with any décor; traditional or modern. They further blend in any floor covering and can be used to display the meticulous work of art they are.

Start with the rug

Your floor also needs a new feel. Homeowners normally get curtains, tables and furniture makeover for their home but rarely change the rugs. Rugs for the foundation of your living space and your furniture should be after that.

Determine the size of the rug needed

The rule of thumb for rug placement depends on where it’s placed. You may use a huge oriental rug to cover the entire living area or break down the rug into smaller pieces for different parts. Oriental rugs are available in small sizes of 100 by 50 cm to huge sizes of 400 by 600 cm.

Where to place Oriental Rugs

The secret to good-looking homes is innovation. Knowing where to place the rugs makes all the difference. Add your oriental designs to the hallways, kitchen, and home corridors. You may also add a design to the bathroom. Instead of having standalone rugs, make sure the front stands of your sofa or table stands on the rug for perfect anchored harmony.

If you are running on a budget, you can still add an oriental feel all around your home by hanging the rugs on the wall. Showing off their unique piece of art compliments other paintings and pictures in the room.

Use oriental rugs on a more contemporary design

Where your home design takes modern styles with furniture and design, oriental rugs form an excellent complement to the feel. Anchor your sofa and tables in the living room and other areas with the rug for harmonious flow.

An Oriental rug can help bring your room to life when you have a few furniture pieces. Notwithstanding, the wrong blend of colors or patterns may clash with the entire home mix and cause a discordant look.

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