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San Juan Capistrano Rugs is sold by size, quality, and design of an individual or a company that sells an area rug. These are handmade rugs, and they come in many different designs. An area rug is used in the home’s interior and most often can be seen on the floor by the front door. The price will depend on the size, quality, design, and where it came from.

You can find an area rug buyer in your area by looking at the phone book under Oriental Rugs, or you can look online at rug store websites. When you see an area rug for sale, you need to make sure that it is authentic. Check with the rug store to see if there is any documentation of authenticity and to see if they have a warranty. Usually, these types of stores will have a return policy that is easy to use. They will have a phone number to contact them if you have any questions about an area rug.

Once you determine the area rug that you want, you need to decide how you will pay for it. You can usually take your purchase to a local rug store, and they will wrap it for you if you do not want to pay for a wrap or look for a more affordable option. You may want to search online for a handmade rug from a San Juan Capistrano area rug store.

San Juan Capistrano Area Rug Seller

Please Call or Text Us: (949) 241-7676


31896 Plaza Dr #C5
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675

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(949) 241-7676

Business Hours

Monday to Saturday: 10am to 5pm
Sunday: Only open by appointment


We are visible from the 5 north or southbound.
Please exit on Ortega Hwy on 74 towards the ocean.
Second light is Capistrano Home Center, make a left, we are behind the Target.

Directions Here.

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